Sat | 7/13/13 | 2:00pm | All Ages
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SLC Ride and Shoot
Saturday, July 13, 2013
2pm-5pm with award party/BBQ at 6

The Project
258 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Revolution United and the Wasatch Wordsmiths are teaming up to produce a fun and exciting fundraising event, July 13th, the 2013 SLC Ride and Shoot!  This event is a downtown scavenger hunt open to anyone with alternative means of transportation, such as bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, and chihuahua sled pulling teams.  Each team will make their way throughout downtown Salt Lake City in search of items located inside of local businesses based on clues provided by the organizers.  Once the item is located, the team must then photograph the item along with team members to prove their discovery.  Winners will be awarded at an awards ceremony located at The Project, featuring a band, a DJ, and performances by members of the Wasatch Wordsmiths.

$10 per team to enter. No limit for team size. All ages event.


1st place Team:
$100 Gift Card to local bike shop
$80 basket of coffee goodies
Professional massage for up to 5 members of team
Men and Women haircuts for 2 members of team
$50 Tattoo Gift Certificate
Sunglasses for whole team
$20 Gift Card for Bike accessories
Team entrance to any event at the Project within the next year
$30 certificate for custom designed vinyl stickers
Movie Tickets for the team

2nd Place Team:
$10 gift certificate for 4 team members at foreign store
Sunglasses for whole team
$15 for dinner at a Restaurant
Movie Tickets for the team
$10 certificate to a Social Awareness Store

3rd place Team:
Sunglasses for whole team
Reuseable storage carrier for beer with beer guide
$25 gift certificate for furniture

Everyone who participates:
$10 Gift Certificate per member of team to local boutique
T-Shirts from a local Pub