Fri | 8/2/13 | 3:00pm | All Ages
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SOLD OUT! But don't worry! There will be space to watch a livestream feed of the event in a separate trailer in the Learning Village. We will be livestreaming the event on DTP's website.

Join the Downtown Speaker Series and Google Ventures Foundation this Friday for a fireside chat with David Copperfield hosted by Kevin Rose. The talk will start promptly @ 4:00pm. Due to occupancy limitations, only those with Ticket Cake RSVPs will be seated in the main trailer. Others will be welcome to view the talk from our overflow trailer via livestream.

Oprah Winfrey calls him "the greatest illusionist of our time." Over three decades and $3 billion in ticket sales, Copperfield has amassed a staggering 21 Emmy's. He's been declared a Living Legend by the Library of Congress, and Guinness certified him as the highest grossing solo entertainer of all time - more than Madonna, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. Copperfield's latest show, "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion," features a unique blend of intimate, close-up magic and some of the largest illusions ever staged: walking through an industrial steel fan, levitating a member of the audience (IN the audience!), vanishing thirteen random people, and making a car appear - on stage - surrounded. From his humble roots as a child in New Jersey, Copperfield has propelled himself - and magic - to new heights, from worldwide tours to breaking Broadway records. Powerful, inspiring, and evocative, Copperfield's show reminds all of us that the things we often think impossible are not only possible - but are within our grasp.