Thu | 1/24/13 | 6:00pm | All Ages
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Thursday, January 24, 2013
6:00 p.m. Happy Hour at The Construction Trailers
6:45 p.m. Talks Begin

Evan Kirkpatrick, CEO, Wendell Charles Financial

Named by YFS Magazine as one "10 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs to Watch" Evan Kirkpatrick is the CEO & Chief Investment Strategist of Wendall Charles Financial and is passionate about social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. In his talk Evan will share his ideas on the capitalist philanthropy "triple win model": being valuable to clients, profitable for the organization, and positively affecting the world.

Arjun Arora, President & CEO, ReTargeter

Arjun left his post as Head of Business Development at Yahoo! Real Estate to launch ReTargeter, an online advertising platform. Along the way this entrepreneur learned a thing or two about the importance of defining your values and living by them and will share some of his lessons with the community.

Robert Nicholson, Executive Director, The Nicholson Center

Robert Nicholson got his start after high school when he purchased a duplex as an income property. He used this investment to reinvest in several more rental properties and since then has started companies in home healthcare, real estate, auto racing, t-shirts and more. Robert will share his perspective on social entrepreneurship and the life of a serial entrepreneur.

Robby Hill, CEO/Founder, HillSouth

Robby Hill is an entrepreneur and owner/founder of Hillsouth, an IT consulting firm in Florence, SC as well as a passionate director of four non-profit organizations. Robby will discuss how building a strong career and giving back to one's community can and should be intertwined.

Michael Simmons, Partner, Empact

Michael Simmons, award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author, will share his honest and authentic reflections on the challenges and lessons learned of finding and integrating meaning into one’s entrepreneurial career. Michael will share his perspectives on money, self-expression, social impact, freedom, and human connection as it relates to entrepreneurship and meaning.